challenging question

HI all,

I am working on optimizing a video processing system using CUDa… As of now we capture the image from the Camera using the camera’s SDK functions and transfer the image to the GPU to do the processing and return back to PC. I noticed the camera can capture in DIrectDraw mode where the image is stored in the VGA memory directly using Overlay buffer.

The question is… How to use CUDA to read this memory. ? I need to calculate its mean to start with… so any ideas on how to read it pixel wise will be very helpful

I hope someone has an answer to this…


I believe CUDA doesn’t have access to such buffers unless specifically mentioned in the OpenGL/DirectX interop section in the Programming Guide. I might be wrong…

Could you tell me what does the vertex object buffer mean ? Its given in the DIrect3D inter-operability under CUDA 2.1SDK manual which i am using. Can I use that buffer to read my image ?