Hi, I’m able to perform can loopback and can communication between my orin and vector canoe tool but I need to perform can wake up function.
I tried to open candump in my orin and send messages from the canoe tool and put my orin board into suspend mode but it is not working.
What to do ?

Hi, I am using CAN channel (H/L) transceiver for Jetson AGX Orin and connected to the 29pin for DIN and 31pin for Dout. after putting the system in sleep mode, I am trying to do the CAN Wake up processing through CANoe. But I am facing issue. i am not able to do the CAN wake up. and the messages transmitted from the CANoe tool are also not recieved when in sleep mode.

Hi pritamdinkar.waghmode,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

If you want to wake up from suspend, it seems you may need to configure the wake-up source or through the interrupt.

Hello Kevin,
I am Using Jetson AGX Orin dev kit
And jetpack version 5.1.2
Jetson Linux_R35.4.1

Can you please tell me the exact process of CAN wake up from suspend. and how /where can i configure & wake-up source or through the interrupt.
We are trying CAN wake up functionality through CNAoe. but in CANoe we are getting Rx message but we are not able to send Tx message. below error we are getting in CANoe while transmitting a message.

Time Chn ID Name Event Type Dir DLC Data
[-] 7.261339 CAN 1 CAN Error TxErr ECC: 110001110xxxxx, Not Acknowledge error, dominant error flag, Bit Position = 43
| ECC 110001110xxxxx
| Code Not Acknowledge error, dominant error flag
| Position 43
| ID 0000100000000b (100)
| DLC 1
| Data 00-00 01

CAN_WAKE (GPIO) pin should be connected to transceiver to wake up after suspend.

To configure CAN_WAKE for Jetson, please customize for the following:

  1. GPIO should be listed in can DT node
  2. have an entry in pmc driver for wake

We’ve not verified it so that please customize the kernel source for this use case.

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