Can we use the nvidia maxine to build a internal web / mobile conference system


My team is decided to build a internal web conferencing system, I planning to build it by using nvidia Maxine sdk.

There are a few questions I want to ask.

  1. Can we used nvidia Maxine to build the internal web conference system, so my team members / staffs can join the web conference from their web and app.

  2. If we build the system by using nvidia maxine, is there any impact

    . Can my staffs access the web conference, if their laptop does not have the nvidia graphic card?

    . Can mobile users access the web conference system by using the app, any impact to the mobile users.

  3. I already requested for the nvidia maxine early access program, but it is still waiting for someone from nvidia maxine to approval it, can someone from nvidia help to speed up for the approval process.

  4. What is the difference between nvidia Maxine and nvidia Maxine Microservice?

  5. Once the web conference system is built, my tech team usually will host it in the cloud, Is that necessary the system must host in the cloud services with GPU or can it host in any cloud services?

Thank you,

Hi landmiles,

To answer your questions :

1 - Maxine can be integrated into any audio and video conferencing platform so long as it meets OS and hardware requirements.

2 - This depends on the deployment type. The way you describe your application it does not appear to require any NVIDIA GPU on the client side.

3 - I do not have any further information I can provide. NVIDIA Developer Relations will reach out when/if your application is approved.

4 - Maxine can be run locally on a client or on a remote server through microservices, so long as either solution has a compatible OS and NVIDIA GPU. The Maxine microservices provide Maxine features to a connected client whether the client has an NVIDIA GPU or not.

5 - To use Maxine features in the cloud your cloud instance must be NVIDIA GPU enabled. Maxine does not run on a CPU.

I hope this helps!

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hi mark_tme,

Thank you for sharing the info.

We are worrying, if our client side do not have nvidia gpu, can the users join the video conference.

Because we are going to build the Android and iOS conferencing app, mobile phone do not have the nvidia GPU,
web browser conference is another thing we will build, but some of the laptop do not have the nvidia gpu.

so will this impact the quality of the video or the user will not able to get some of the nvidia maxine features e.g. noise cancellation and eye focus and etc.

Thank you,

Maxine will only work with hardware 2060 or above.
If you want to run it on anything without 2060, it will not function.

The only go to solution is using cloud computing and render the graphics on a cloud 2060 GPU and send it back to the device that do not have the graphic card. But it will need a very reliable network speed.