CAN0 and CAN1 causing network freeze on xavier

We have two can interfaces connected to the xavier, can0 is connected to a J1939 bus and can1 to a CANopen Bus.
Infrequently we start seeing errors on the xavier as per the below.

Mar 11 07:14:18 ox kernel: [ 336.672366] mttcan c320000.mttcan can1: Format Error Detected
Mar 11 07:14:18 ox kernel: [ 336.672535] mttcan c320000.mttcan can1: IR 0x8400000 PSR 0x712

After some time the following error appears and it freezes the whole local network including wlan0:

Mar 11 07:18:18 ox kernel: [ 756.872585] mttcan c320000.mttcan can1: mttcan_poll_ir: some msgs lost on in Q0

It lasts up to 20 minutes and finally error messages and network problems disappear.
The problem occurs almost everyday within 20 minutes of starting up the system.

We’ve explored all of the connected hardware avenues that we can but still see these messages.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi andrew,
Are CAN0 and CAN1 initialized successfully before any transfer? Can you confirm? Does bus has proper termination? Also refer CAN doc to check if things are properly configured.

Hi Shgarg

I’ll get my developers to respond to you directly.


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