Cannot git clone Modulus examples from Gitlab

Hi, thanks for your attention. When I try to download new version Modulus examples from Git lab git clone following your documentation site, I input correctly the username and password, it will report fatal: repository '' not found.
Could you help me on this?


I am facing the same issue.

Are you able to access/view the Gitlab examples repository on GitLab the website? You will need to get your Gitlab account registered with the Modulus Gitlab group to get read access to the source code and examples repos.

This can be done on the devzone page and choose the source code access option:

Let me know if you’ve already done this. Thanks.

Hi, I cannot access the Gitlab examples.
I have already get Gitlab account registered with the link you shared. It mentions I have already submitted this form. But I never receive the email.

I see, so you cannot also access the Modulus source code repository either.
Let me look into this permissions issue.

Yes. I cannot access the repository. Here is the page when go to

Has anyone resolved this issue? I am having the same problem. I get the same messages you all are getting as well.

Has there been any update on this?

Hi. I am also not able to access/view the example repos on Gitlab website. I also get the same errors as below. I am trying to register with the group but never get an email from Gitlab. I also have the account registered. I am able to download 22.03 but not the examples for 22.07.

Hi @ckitchell @tappen2 @Shen666 @ashok.gunturu

If you can provide your Gitlab username I can ask to manually request to get you access. Thanks!

Hi, I also have the same problem.
My gitlab username is:


Hi, @ngeneva , my GitLab username is JackShen666
Thanks for your help.

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Hi @ngeneva , thanks for the reply, and my Gitlab ID is “ashok.gunturu”.

Added, Should have access.

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Hi @Shen666
Is your Gitlab user name JackShen666? This is one of the ones we had registered.

Hi @ashok.gunturu ,

Did you submit the registration forum on DevZone? We didn’t see your name in the application list.

If you have not submitted please login to DevZone, accept the EULA and register your Gitlab username using the link here:

If you have done this and get the previous submission error let me know.

Yes. I think that’s my account. Thanks

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Hi @ngeneva , I have already submitted my Gitlab username through the registration link, and got the error. Now, all I can see is the message saying " You will receive an email from GitLab with instructions on accessing the Modulus Gitlab repository.".

You should be registered now. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @ngeneva ,
I am also getting error while trying to submit gitlab username using the link :
My Gitlab username is Writam18 .
Can you provide me access?
Thanks and Regards,