Cannot launch any EGL app under Nsight Graphics 2021.4.2.0

I’m trying to debug my application under Nsight Graphics on Linux. I haven’t been able to successfully launch it either through GUI or command line, I always get the message that “Launch process exited”.

I tried to figure out what’s wrong - I can profile a GLX-based application such as “glxgears”, but this simple app suffers from the same problem as my application. I pinpointed the issue to the “eglGetDisplay( EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY )” call.

When eglGetDisplay() is called under NVIDIA Nsight, the process gets terminated with exit code 255. I don’t even get the return value from that call.

What am I doing wrong?

Nsight Graphics 2021.4.2.0
Drivers: 495.29.05
libglvnd: 1.3.4

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I’m sorry you ran into this issue. One question the engineering team had for you is did you configure your EGL ICD driver via glvnd? It would also help if you could provide the content of /proc/[PID]/maps when running the EGL app (without Nsight Graphics). You can forward details to if you prefer.