cannot link glut.lib using cygwin


I am getting an error linking freeglut.lib when using cl.exe (VS 2010) and cygwin on Windows 7:

 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _glutCreateWindow referenced in function "void __cdecl my_function()....

I can link with the CUDA library because CUDA function names are mangled in both my object code and the CUDA library.
However, I cannot link with the glut library because the names are mangled in the library, but not in my object code:

In my object file:
U _cudaThreadExit@0
U _glutInitWindowSize

In cudart.lib:
00000000 T _cudaThreadExit@0

In freeglut.lib:
00000000 T _glutInitWindowSize@8

Does anyone know what is wrong?