Cannot profile: error Unsupported Context Compute API

can please somebody help me. I am trying to debug cuda application wich used to work in visual profiler. Now when I try to profile it I get error:
“1 context(s) could not be created because it was associated with a unsupported compute API. Supported compute APIs are: CUDA”.
In console it shown correct output. But in time line only driver api is shown. Im using Visual Profiler 5.5. Aplication is set to compute_20,sm_20.

Thanks. Pavlos.

Make sure your program calls cudaDeviceReset() before it exits. This function will flush the profile data from internal buffers to the profiler. Check the CUDA Profiler User Guide for more information.

This error likely happens if you use Execution timeout in the profiler. In that case, the program might not call cudaDeviceReset() properly before terminating.