Cannot run OpenACC code on NVIDIA after 15.3 upgrade

I am compileing an OpenACC code and then trying to run it on another system which does not have a PGI compiler installed.

With version 14.9 I was able to do this, but now with version 15.3, I get:

“error while loading shared libraries:”

This library is not included in the cuda distribution I have (6.5 and 7.0).

I am using -Bstatic_pgi (otherwise I get a complaint about the acc library not found) but I guess it is not including the library above.

Why was I able to do this with 14.9 and how cna I get this to work? I need the executable to be portable.



The library can be found in the PGI lib and REDIST directories. You’ll need to copy the shared object over to the other system along with your binary.

You’re correct that library should be linked statically when “-Bstatic_pgi” is used. I’ve added a problem report (TPR#21428) to address this issue.


TPR 21428 - -Bstatic_pgi should link with static version of libcudadevice

has been implemented in the 15.9 release.