Can't access entire of jetson tx2 when forgot password

I connect jetson tx2 to my ubuntu host 18.04, but my host show L4T which is read-only folder with capacity 16MB. I can’t access entire of jetson tx2.
I would like to jetpack through sdkmanager from host machine to jetson.
Im a novice.

hello F_sharp,

what did you mean about access the entire Jetson TX2, is this platform flashed with JetPack release image, is it bootable?
you may also refer to Jetson TX2 Developer Kit User Guide for reference,

Thanks your response.

If you mean you forgot the password, then there isn’t any way to get reset just a password (if there were, then it would be something nobody is allowed to tell, but there is no such method).

However, you can clone the existing partition if you have physical access and an Ubuntu host PC (Ubuntu 18.04 is best). A cloned partition can be loopback mounted and examined, modified, so on, from the host PC. There are things you could modify by those means, and then flash the Jetson again using the clone (or something built from the clone) to flash.

Some of the procedures depend on release, but for anything using the R32.x release, a clone would go something like this (making sure before starting that your Ubuntu host PC has about 50GB of free space):
sudo ./ -r -k APP -G my_backup.img jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

This would produce a “sparse” file, “my_backup.img”, and also a “raw” file, “my_backup.img.raw”. Beware that this takes a long time to complete. The sparse file can only be used for flash and cannot be used for loopback mounting or examining. The raw file can be used for flash and for loopback mounting and examining. I throw away the sparse file and save only the raw file. The disadvantage is that the raw file is much larger than the sparse file (takes up more space on the host and also takes longer to flash; simply moving or copying a file that large takes time).

On your host PC you should have a directory like this from your original flash:
…and this is where “” is. This is good because you also need to reuse the same release version when you go to flash your modified clone (there is a strong dependency between boot content from a release and the rootfs). If you choose to do this, then more information can be given later on how to use the clone.

that’s great. I’ve definitely done.
thanks your support

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