Jetson TX2 password forgotten

The password of Jetson TX2 was reset and forgotten by the previous user, the default user “nvidia” and “ubuntu” do not work. My question is how to recover the password of it and do I need a laptop installed with the lastest version of ubuntu? Thank you.

Hi skyddar,

Please try below command to setup password:

$ passwd

You can reference this topic.

Hello carolyuu, thank you for reply. Do I need a Linux running PC in order to reset the password?

Hi skyddar,

You need setup with command line.
After system boot up, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 (or F3, F4) to terminal mode.


After I press Ctrl+Alt+F2 (or F3, F4), it still prompts username and password as seen below
Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS nvidia-tx2 tty2
nvidia-tx2 login:

Both nvidia and ubuntu passwords not working.

I reboot it by pressing left Shift, it cannot get into Grub mode, also tried force recovery mode by following the instruction, it is always dark screen.

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I think the simplest way is to get SD out of Jetson, put it in PC with Linux, mount root partition, chroot to it and change the password. Or reinstall the SD image completely.

Hi skyddar,

Suggest you can re-flash your TX2 and setup username/password again.

Hello, the problem is now solved. After several trials on different virtual machine, I finally flashed TX2 with the Jetpack OS, which is actually an operating system that I don’t know previously. Thank you for support.
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