Locked Out Of Jetson TX2

Hi guys. I’m very new to Linux and using the Jetson and have forgotten my password and am stuck at the login screen.

Would somebody be able to point me in the right direction for reinstalling the OS or recovering my password?

For reference I don’t have access to either the ubuntu or nvidia accounts so I can’t sign in with those.

Any help is better then where I am, like I say, I’m a total noob.

You can re-install Ubuntu on your Jetson TX2.

Refer here:

Before SDK manager starts, you’d better boot your Jetson TX2 with Recovery mode:

Hey, I don’t have a Linux host machine, can this be done from Windows or is there a free VM I can use?

SDK Manager only runs on the Linux host PC, ubuntu recommended.
Unfortunately, a VM is not good to run it as well.


There’s a tool called QT that looks promising. I’m gonna try that out and then post my findings on here for future readers.

I’ve installed Ubuntu alongside Windows to help me with this problem.