Problems flashing the TX2

I have a virtual box on a windows with ubuntu 16.04
When using the SDK Manager I get to step 3 and a window pops up which asks me to enter my username and password for the jetson to flash the TX2. I get the following message:

Could not connect to the target device. Verify that:

  1. The device is connected to this host machine with a USB cable.
  2. Ubuntu ‘System configuration wizard’ is completed on the device.
  3. Jetson’s Ubuntu OS is up and running.

would you mind helping me trouble shoot?
This is my first time working on a device like this so it would be great if you could give me as much detail as possible.

Thank you

Hi nmehmanesh,

VM is not supported by SDK Manager, may other developer share experience if they get it working.


Just some points on why VMs are not supported…

VMs must completely own the USB port. There will be times the USB drops out and reconnects, and often the host ends up grabbing the USB when it reconnects and not passing it to the VM. Anything less than complete ownership of the port will fail.

Packages are always added over ethernet. However, with SDK Manager, the ethernet is a virtual device over USB. Even if the VM does pass the USB through you must make sure your VM allows the virtual USB ethernet to be used (it seems a lot of systems need manual intervention in the network config to use the MAC address you see from “dmesg --follow” upon USB cable connect…this is true of VMs and non-VMs).

@linuxdev Thank you so much for your explanation.