Flashing TX2 stops at 25% or 99%

hi i’m facing problems while flashing my Jetson TX2
System Environment I’m using
Ubuntu 16.04
Nvidia SDK Manager 1.9.1

The error which occurs is It stops flashing at 25% and 99%. It disconnects the Jetson TX2 from USB at 25%.

I’ve atttached the data log with this
SDKM_logs_2023-01-19_21-29-55.zip (692.0 KB)

This is a known problem for VMs, and each VM has different configuration, so it is not officially supported. The problem is that USB has to be configured to always pass through to the VM; flash involves USB disconnecting and reconnecting, but the VM is failing to reconnect. It can be made to work if you are able to configure the VM to always reconnect the Jetson, but flash software has no means of configuring the VM.

You’d be better off with dual boot of Ubuntu 18.04 if it is possible and if you cannot get the USB to not drop out in the VM.

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