Jetson TX2

“Someone gave me a TX2 development board and told me to reflash the system. However, I encountered a problem where the red light on the development board stays on when powered on. I have a couple of questions: first, I tried entering the flashing mode by pressing the board’s button, but it was unsuccessful, and the red light persists. Second, the virtual machine SDK manager still shows that it cannot detect the board. Can you tell me what the reason might be and how to resolve this?”


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Recovery mode itself does nothing other than to turn the Jetson into a custom USB device that uses a custom USB driver (which runs on the host PC). It is quite likely the Jetson is working as intended. A very large amount of time the VM itself causes unending problems. Thus, VMs are not officially supported as every VM has its own learning curve and instructions. The most common problem is that the Jetson will disconnect and reconnect during a flash, but the VM loses USB. It sounds like the VM is not configured for the recovery mode device.

Usually it is advised to perhaps set up dual boot with native Ubuntu (for a TX2, the host PC would be best as Ubuntu 18.04).

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