Jetson TX2 flash

Hello, I am trying to flash Jetson TX2 using VM. I installed sdk manager on VM, following this steps
How to Get Started with the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 on alwaysAI

and I have this error. Can you help me please? I need to install cuda on my TX2.
After I set Manual Setup everything stops at 40% and I have that error.
I am sure that TX2 is set on recovery mode and connected to my laptop using USB-A
On VM I have Ubuntu 18.04

Please find a native ubuntu host. SDKM does not support VM.

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Ok, thank you!

Also, please prevent to share a log from a photo. Only limited info can be seen from your image.

You can share the log from ~/.nvsdkm.

Ok, can you delete this topic, please? I found solution, I need a native ubuntu host.