TX2 flash error

I’m using the SDK to install Jetpack4.6 on a TX2 and I’m running into various issues. So, need your help,best wish for you.
SDKM_logs_2022-03-09_14-36-05.zip (473.5 KB)

Can you describe what it is you see happening? Also, is the host PC a VM, or is it Ubuntu 18.04?

I am using a VM and the system is ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS;
In ubuntu, stop at the fig2 interfaceuse, the command ''lsusb" to output fig1;
At this point, fig3 is output on the monitor, my mouse and keyboard are unresponsive, and I cannot perform basic settings.

I am using a customized version of TX2, without using the INA3221 power supply monitoring chip;
can you provide the source file of the device tree for booting the USB?
I tried to decompile this file(nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.6_Linux_JETSON_TX2_TARGETS/Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/dtb/tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c03-00-base.dtb), but failed

After that, I use flash.sh to manually refresh, and the obtained debug file is as follows, but the basic settings still cannot be performed ( [ 13.1687 ] Cannot Open USB )

log_flash.txt (380.6 KB)


Sdkmanager does not support to run over VM.

what? I’ve seen a lot of tutorials do it this way. So what do I need to do

Yes, sdkmanager does not support VM. Any kind of tutorial which uses VM to run sdkm is not our official document. That is why you keep seeing something like “usb cannot open” or read data failed. Those are common symptom when running flash.sh and sdkmanager on VM.

Please use native ubuntu 18.04 host to flash.

Thanks, I will try this way you said

BTW, what I don’t understand is, you said “you cannot flash the borad”, but in the meantime you also posted the screen from jetson TX2 that seems you also flashed the board.

What is the exact question you want to ask?

Let me clarify more clearly. Actually, you have two issues here

  1. Cannot flash the board, or not able to flash the board in a stable state.

  2. After flash the board, usb has no response.

Your second problem has nothing to do with the VM. Which means even after you change the host to native ubuntu 18.04, your second problem will still persist. Maybe your custom dtb is not getting flashed at all because sdkmanager does not use it or maybe your dtb has something wrong so usb cannot work.

Yes, I still use the native device tree, can you provide a USB related device tree file and the usage process? I didn’t find the device tree source file, so won’t modify it. Thank you very much.

All the source code files are in the L4T archive. Follow the developer guide → kernel customization and learn to build the dtb first.

Ok, thank you!

FYI, the reason VMs are not supported is because their default is usually to not pass through USB correctly. The VM must be configured to always own and pass through the Jetson even if there are disconnects and reconnects. The manner of doing so is up to the VM software and is out of the control of the NVIDIA software. You could get it to work if it is configured correctly, but this would be something to ask the VM manufacturer to help set up. Sometimes people get lucky and it does “just work”, but that’s rare.

Maybe it wasn’t clear, sorry. What I mean is: the ubuntu basic setting interface is stuck (language, network, username, password, etc.), and cannot enter the ubuntu system;
Of course, you can also use the official plug-in provided in the forum to skip the basic setting interface and directly enter the ubuntu system, but my USB still cannot be used, and the host is still stopped as shown in Figure 2, and I cannot continue to the next step.

Excuse me again, if I don’t use VM, and install ubuntu18.04 dual system directly, is it supported?

If you don’t use VM, “flashing” should work. But your usb problem may still be there because you are using custom board. Thus it requires extra dts modification.

Ok, thanks

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