Forgot password for Jetson TX2

I am trying to re-flash nvidia jetson tx2 as I cannot find the password. I tried using sdk manager and reflashing but even that asks for username and password. Can anyone help with this?

It might not be the password you are thinking it is. During flash the Jetson itself does not need a password (at least not unless security fuses were burned, but that’s a key, not a password). When flash completes, the Jetson reboots and goes through first boot account setup (and this implies providing a password for a new account which previously did not exist). However, JetPack/SDK Manager runs as a regular user, but at some point during actual flash it will need the host PC’s password for the user you are logged in to (it isn’t the Jetson password, it is the host password). Have you tried the password you use to log in to the host PC?

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