I forgot the password of my Xavier-nx Module


I am using Jetson Xavier-Nx module with a seeed studio’s carrier board A206 (emmc type). After flashing the Jetpack I changed the password of the board, but problem is that I forgot the password and now I am not able to login. I don’t have any data in the board, therefore I don’t want to recover anything from the board. I tried to flash the Jetpack again using sdkmanager but it is asking the user id and password. I also tried the method mentioned in this (https://forecr.io)* website but it is not working for me. Please help me out!!

Hi humblerobot17,

You can use SDK Manager to flash the latest JetPack.
Before flash image, you can select pre-config to create new username and password, then start flashing.
More detail please reference: Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

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