Reinstall jetpack - jetson tx2


I want to reinstall jetpack since i got package install failures.
Please tell me the specific methods.


One option would be to use SDK Manager. You will get most success if you do this on Ubuntu 16.04 as that seemed to be the OS that the last Jetpack for TX2 was built on. I had similar problem with mine but was able to flash my TX2 using the SDK Manager on Ubuntu 16.04. I heard you can do same with 18.04 but I haven’t tried it. Good luck.

If you are talking about the Jetson side, @aboladeAIStudent’s info will work. If you are talking about host PC side, read on.

You can get at least some new downloads if content is an issue (and it sometimes is). You could recursively delete these directories (be very careful when using recursive delete):


…then try again. Or you could “sudo apt remove sdkmanager”.

Hi, aboladeAEStudent and linuxdev

Thanks to you, I reinstalled jetpack.


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