Cant detect Nvidia RTX 2080 Super GPU using tensorflow

im trying to run CNN training on the Local GPU RTX2080 Super , i follow several tutorials without success.
im using
tf version 2.11.0
Python Version- 3.10.7
CUDA\NVIDIA GPU Computing ToolkitCUDA\v11.2

i had replaced the 3 files bin,lib include from the Cudnn with the files on the CUDA V11.2
i added the NVIDIA GPU Computing ToolkitCUDA\v11.2\bin and libnvvp to the enviroment vriable PATH

i reset the Computer and tried to test if tensorflow detect the GPU without success :
i got the folowing messages on jupyter notebook :
print(get_available_devices()) : [‘/device:CPU:0’]
tf.config.list_physical_devices() : [PhysicalDevice(name=‘/physical_device:CPU:0’, device_type=‘CPU’)]

ill be happy for any help