can't find "nvidia-smi.exe"

I’ve installed NVIDIA and cuda V8.0, but could not find the file “nvidia-smi.exe” , any clues about this?

Use the windows file find utility to search your disk for nvidia-smi.exe

Depending on how you installed the driver, you may not get that exe

If you download and install the latest driver for your GPU from, it should install it.

I have used the windows file find utility before, but can’t find this file.

If your driver comes from Microsoft i.e. installed via Microsoft updates, then I think it does not include this utility. If you want this utility, I suggest you install a driver from NVIDIA for your GPU.

I installed NVIDIA Display driver during CUDA 9.0 installation

For who is searching at google for “nvidia smi windows”, then arriving here. Driver from Microsoft during windows update.

In nvidia program files folder, search for smi, find .ex_ file, this is the archive for nvidia-smi.exe, extract the archive.