Can't login after burning Jetson TX2 - Industrial

I burn TX2-i with backup image created on TX2 board [Jetpack 3.2.1] successfully.
The burn was using Linux computer with ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
But when trying to Login to TX2i board a black screen is displayed fo 3 sec. & then Login screen is displayed again.
I used sudo ./ jetson-tx2i mmcblk0p1 for restoring the image.

Any ideas/suggestions/hints?


What is the backup image you are talking about? Kernel image?

I meant image created using
$ sudo ./ -r -k APP -G backup.img jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1
The image was created on tx2 , and i want to restore in TX2i.

Hi peershlomi,

Did you follow up this tutorial?

I’m not sure if a TX2 image would work on a TX2i, though it might. The more interesting question is if the release used on the TX2 is the same release as used on the TX2i. Minor patch releases might be cross compatible, but others are not (e.g., I would expect R28.2 and R28.2.1 to be compatible, but not R28.2.1 and R32.1, nor R32.1 and R32.2).

Actually TX2 and TX2i only differs in some dtb and cfg file. The rootfs itself should be compatible.
But the behavior “But when trying to Login to TX2i board a black screen is displayed fo 3 sec. & then Login screen is displayed again.” Sounds like the rootfs problem.

I once hit such problem when used a new X driver on old rootfs.

Thanks for your comments.
I repeated the process with image which was created on TX2 with jetpack 4.2:
[Which was tested successfully on TX2]
Now i succeded with flashing the image again and this time i was enabled to enter login -
but i was requested to pass system configuration phase
and all third partys from the image were missing on TX2i.

So i decided to try to start from beginning :
I will flash the jetpack on TX2i & create image on TX2 for future use.
I will update when i will have results.

You might also consider that after you clone the TX2 to reflash to the same TX2 just to see if the cloning is working as expected. If you clone from a TX2 and then it fails to the TX2i, then I’d consider the next step to see if the clone restore to the original TX2 works or not.

Reflashing the same tx2 with the clonning works as expected in tx2.