CC character error with audo2face


I am just testing the CC 3.4 character with Audio2face 2021.3.3

I followed this video:

I have exported my female character with the option “include Omniverse Audio2face mesh” ON.

Now see what happens:

So I get this error:

In the tutorial video, after selecting CC body as target, the “mesh fitting” dialog opens.
In my case after I oress OK for the error warning, that mesh fitting stays closed/empty.

Please help asap, this is a commercial project!

Update to my problem!

My customer just told me that it should be the Natasha_A2F.usd from the folder A2F that I need to import. Not the full body with hair and clothes. ok.

But now what?

From the image you can see that I can now select the Character Transfer / Meshes / Target Mesh and I get no errors :)

But the message at the bottom of Character Transfer is telling me:

There is no such green open mouth character in this default demo scene…


Hello @pekka.varis! Let me get a developer to help!

Thank you Wendy :)

My excellent customer Mr Kattilakoski himself helped me further, by feeding me this tut:

I am already here, tagging the points:

I got it this far:

I have no idea what to select for the first object, the driver.

In the tut video above, its this step:
Character Transfer Part 1: Overview in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube

So her mouth talks already:

Hi @pekka.varis ,
Looks like you got it figured out already.

Sorry if the tutorial videos are not clear.
It’s correct that mesh to use for CC exporter in under the A2F folder. This mesh would be compatible with the CC presets for tagging points so you don’t have to tag the correspondence points yourself in characterTransfer using this mesh.
As you got the target head talking already, the next step from here would be to have this head drive the fullbody mesh on the usdSkel.
You should be able to use wrap UI to apply wrap deformer with useMaxDistance enabled.
selection order for this is Driver-Drivens when using the UI.

Thank you!
I took a step back and used the CC preset on the tagging points:

Eye browses are moving just ok!
Next thing is to move on to “drive the fullbody mesh on the usdSkel”

I watched all the official Audio2Face videos from the playlist, and closest one I found was this step:

Do I proceed with that next?

I am stuck here :P

Please help me forwards… Danes tutorial above, uses this command:

But I do not see that “data expor” tab it in my Audio2Face 2021.3.3

@esusantolim you asked me to continue by using “wrap UI” to have this head drive the fullbody mesh on the usdSkel, right? If so , how do I do that?

From this video, you can see that I am not able to do that:

My customer found a video tutorial ( from discord ) about cc character & A2F for full body animations in Machinima.

But when I watch this tutorial:

You can see that I am stuck in Machinima now:

I have manage to make the first part of his workflow:
select first the a2f head, then shift select the head with body.
Use Character Transfer command Wrap UI and put o.1 as max distance.

But when I try to combine this full body USD with the talking “cache” in Machinima 2022.1.1 I realise that the imported cache is not talking! Now matter what play button I press. So do I need to enable some extension?

I know that next step to do is:
select 1st the cache face Natasha ( talking when play is pressed at audio player) select 2nd Natasha head from the full boduy version.
Then use the command: Toolbox/built in/Mesh/Connect points
( this is in the latest machinima at Animation/Audio2Face Toolbox/Mesh/Connect points (select)

But I cannot proceed succesfully to that if my cache head is not talking in Machinima.

Please help?

Here is one more clean video about my workflow. I am following the above tutorial " a2f_drive_fullbody.mp4 " carefully step by step and I have triple checked everything.

This time I stayed inside Audio2Face app but still, no talking full body character. Please help me?

The error message I get in the above video at 3:36 when I press the command “Connect Points (select)” is this:

Hi @pekka.varis
The selection order for applying wrap is Driver then Driven, so The A2F head first, then the full body mesh.
In the video I saw that your selection order is reversed.
Let me know if that works :)

Uh thanks esusantolim

As you see,still no solution.

But in the other way the white guy talks, and in other selection order the female head talks.

I sended the scenes & assets for you as PM

A lot of progress here :)

Next thing are the teeth.

The above video workflow also works for CC characters with Reallusion Actorcore motions. Just as esusantolim said in his video earlier.

So we see the A2F lipsync + IDLE motion on female body:

But how can I loop the IDLE movement, how can I control the timing of these?
Do I have to somehow now export this ( okay I wait for the teeth workaround screen sharing session so I belive the teeth shall work ok soon ) to Machinima? I know how to loop there the body movements.
Or can I somehow bring in the sequencer to here at A2F app?
It is not in the extensions…

Audio2Face App doesn’t have much control on usdSkel animation other than setting the loop on the timeslider.

The current suggested workflow to export the cache from Audio2Face then assemble the cache with the body animation it in Machinima/Create and control the body animation using Sequencer or AnimGraph…

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Here is a video on how you can drive the lower teeth and tongue with the current A2F

Hope this helps

Thank you!
I study the lower teeth workflow.

But about the next step, exporting the cache to Machinima, I cannot find a thing in the documentation. Only thing I found was this:

But that “data export” dialog box is gone now with the latest version. So do I use this function, with the final working Natasha Fullbody, where your tutorial ends ?

I have to setup the teeth & tongue in A2F with the fullbody, that I understand. Maybe I then export this without a body movement? And then assemble the cache with the body animation it in Machinima, right?

Ok, I tried to follow the teeth & tongue tutorial you have kindly made. See, no moving teeth, what I have done wrong?

I have not enabled the UsdSkel Blendshapes in preferencies, since disabling that was a fix earlier in this topic.

Oh, customer do not want to use Machinima at all. He wish to stay in A2F and that is fine IF I can somehow make the IDLE movement to loop like 20 times and make it a bit slower. I just wrote a topic about this to Reallusion iClone support… Maybe the actorcore body motion can be edited in iClone :P