How to combine CC4 A2F with A2Gesture?

I just learned how to do CC4 & A2F:

Now came A2Gesture:

How to combine CC4 A2F with A2Gesture ?

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Hello @pekka.varis! Did you have a chance to check out the tutorial from this post yet?
LIVESTREAM: Getting Started: Audio2Emotion (Wed. August 31 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT)

Yes I have watched it, there is no info about this, sorry…

This currently have to to solve independently.
Use A2F to solve the the face. export the cache, then use Machima + A2G to animated the body with the same audio clip and attach the a2f cache

Sounds great!
I have to first follow the video you made me about exporting A2F to Machinima. Then I can tell how far I can go with this solution…