How to export the A2F fullbody results to Machinima?

Now I have learned how to make CC4 fullbody motion characters combined with A2F. I have just uploaded a full video of that:

But how can I now export this character, with the speak & facial expressions to Machinima?

Hello @pekka.varis! Take a look at these tutorials found in this post: LIVESTREAM: Getting Started: Audio2Emotion (Wed. August 31 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT) and let me know if this helps!

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Thank you Wendy!
I have watched the 6 videos many times, but they end to connecting the a2f to fullbody animated cc4 character inside A2F App.

So answer is not found from there…

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@pekka.varis , just saw this.
The workflow would be very similar based on those 6 videos workflow, but only do step 1-5.
But as there’s no live Audio2Face in Machinima, you’ll have to export the USD caches out from A2F (with ALL AS GEO CACHE option).
Then do Step 6 connection in Machinima using the cache.
Steps shown in this video

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Thank you so much for this @esusantolim !
I shall study this soon. This was very important missing part since there is no currently any rendering method in A2F, only realtime playback.

So now my next burning hot question is this:

I got it made :)

Here is a video about the FULL process.
Exporting from A2F to Machinima starts from 16:40

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Thank you. I had done this via iClone8, transferring both A2F & A2G animation to iClone8 and combining them there and then transferring the result back to Omniverse for rendering. This what you now got working I initially tried as it makes workflow simpler, but did not manage. This seems helpful and I try again to find out what I missed in my own failed attempts :-).

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