Can I update the A2F CC4 target character?


Here is the video workflow for A2F & CC4:

Well, I have to change the clothes since customer wants so.
I imported a new Camilla and used the “Connect points (selected)” tool:

Almost perfect! But the body moved downwards…
How to fix this? I try here to move for example her Eyes to compensate the position, but I just cannot move them…

I really hope I do not have to make the full work from beginning again!
If I have to, I learned from this that I cannot use “hide hidden faces” option when exporting the USD from IClone8.

You shouldn’t need to redo the whole body setup again.
in theory if you have a scene with the clothA referenced, you can switch the reference to paint to clothB instead.
In this case I assume both character body is the same.
Can you try what happens if you stamp the body mesh of Camila with white shirt?

Thank you Esusantolim.

The problem here is that the body is the same but now its full ( “hide hidden faces” was deactivated when I exported from iClone8 ).

Here you see the difference, new Camilla is in the middle:

But as you saw from the first video I posted here, the “Connect points (selected)” tool worked. Except the moving downwards of position…

So body is the same but now it has all the polygons.

“stamp the body mesh” please can you send a screen shot / video.
I have seen this used on some tutorials, but I have never used it myself.

I found the stamp :)

Does this help us here?

I just wanted to say Thank you for all your work in making clear and thorough instructions for CC4 to A2F (and now Audio2Gesture) for the community, Pekka. I’m looking forward to using these programs once you have finished testing them.

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I got it made!

The solution is to use the very same body animation, at the start, so character is exactly in the same postition as in the first export ( the long preparation work is done in that position, eyelashes etc ) . This time it was the IDLE2.

Also it´s important to have character to be exaclty same in Y position. In my case it meant that shoes have also be the same as in the first time, just like the body animation in the above note.

So I exported my Camilla with IDLE2 + more new body motions after that in iClone8 timeline, same shoes but differerent clothes.

I can use the “delete hidden faces” feature, that not matter here!

Then I removed the lights and backdrop in create.

I opened the working A2F project and just updated the Camilla models Asset path. Voila!

Only thing now wrong with this update workflow is the fact that I cannot change the shoes since then the character is in different y position in A2F :)

Any solution on that would be cool.

Here is updated character with new hairstyle & clothes!
shoes are still the same white sneakers :P

uh sorry that male voice is so strange. Gotta start using own samples…

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