Trying to match CC4 Base facial expression to A2F Neutral starting point

As shown in the attached images, the CC4 characters on the left of each image are slightly different than any of the starting points from the A2F facial emotions. All A2F emotion settings are at 0 except for the images with Neutral set to 1.0.

Neutral set to 0

Neutral set to 1

Neutral set to 0

Neutral set to 1

Thanks, Ted - I’ll check with the A2F team on this!


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Hi @tsaguindel ,
Yes, there’s a slight difference between the base mesh used for binding vs what A2F produce by default.
For the time being, you can execute this script in A2F - Google Drive
To use: select your target character head with the offset issue, then run the script.
With thsi script, you can turn any expression settings to be reseted back to your character bind. but All expression 0, or all zero but neutral 1 is recommended.

Hi @esusantolim,
Thank you so much for the quick reply! I apologize for the probably basic question, but I am new to the script editor and python. When I try to run the script in A2F with having the target character head selected, I get, “AttributeError: module ‘carb’ has no attribute ‘log_warning’”, as shown in the screenshot. I tried installing Kit and Code, thinking I was missing those modules, but the error persists.
python error

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so happy to see this is going forwards!
Good work @tsaguindel and @esusantolim

Sorry @esusantolim, I was able to fix the error with help from Jen_B on the Omniverse discord. The script had to be edited where carb.log_warning should be changed to carb.log_warn. After editing the script and running, it worked! Thanks again for the help!


Awesome. Glad it works :)
I’ll update the script in case others tried to use it :)

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It works great!!!

Ted, you can mark this case solved ;)

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