Problmes running A2F in Amazon

I have problmes running A2F in Amazon cloud- See the video please:

So first I open the Camilla with bado animation in create. It works ok.
Then I open the A2F scene where this exact same body is used. As you see it is totally crazy :)

Everything is workign ok at my local PC win 10 with A 6000 GPU.
But in Amazon AWS I get that body mesh totally wrecked.

Only difference in Amazon insances A2F is that it opens WITHOUT the example talking head:

And this Win 10 warning when I boot up:

But Create works there just fine…
Please help you can, this is a paid customer project.

Can you please provide the log file for your AWS session? It looks like extensions have failed to load.

Here are all these logs for you: (2.3 MB)

btw, while looking for info about console logs, I found a missing image in your documentation:

Thanks for the log files
The warning of Windows version does not meet the requirement in A2F app is correct as mentioned on this page Audio2Face Overview — Omniverse Audio2Face documentation

A2F app has different windows version requirement vs Create. There’s certain library used in Audio2Face extensions that require newer version of Windows. In the logs I can see A2E failed to load which causes the chain of extensions dependency on A2F failed to load.

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Thank you Pekka.varis
I reported the missing image to the related team. The bug is also documented for further investigation.

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The rabbit hole to solve it starts at Windows doc.
This assuming we wanna use Windows Server which we should for an Enterprise deployment.
Not gonna lie this is a major design flaw for A2F. Only supporting SAC branch and not supporting Linux distros.

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Pappachuck has been a huge help on Amazon AWS for us.
Thanks Pappa!!