Audio2Face Cloud Provider Deployment


Could anyone let me know if Audio2Face software can be deployed on Google Cloud Platform or any other cloud platform? Is there a deployment guide for the same?

I read about RTX Virtual Work Stations, but did not find any documentation for Audio2Face App installation over the same.

Please let me know ASAP, as I have a project that is stuck due to lack of recommended laptop requirements for A2F installation.

Thanks in advance.

Could someone provide any update to the question?

I have installed something like this on Amazon AWS, and Create runs there :)
So A2F must work too…

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Thanks for letting me know. Could you also tell which Tesla card were you using?
I think for Create/Audi2Face we need T4 or V100 or RTX series cards as they have Tensor and RT cores. P100 or P40 would not be supported. Is my understanding correct?

Can you see that info from here?

Unfortunately not. Maybe typing “nvidia-smi” command in a Command Prompt of your VM would show.

In AWS while opting for VM instance they show vCPU and RAM size,

I am sorry, I can focus on this only after few weeks. If I start the instance, can I then see this info more easily?

Yes after starting the instance, you have to login on CentOS VM and type the command “nvidia-smi” :)

is this CentOS VM somewhere in Amazon AWS?

From the image that you have shared it says Operating System as CentOS - so you have Linux based VM correct?
When the VM is up and running, login to the VM and type the above command. It would display the details.

I have to visit shopping mall now.
I try to do this when I come back!

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Sure. Will wait for your response. Thanks !!!

Teradici connection gave error, I made a support topic:

Sorry for the delay!

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Hi, hope your issue got resolved. Let me know if you were able to find out the card details …

man, they answered from amazon aws support, that they cannot suppport me since the instance I have created is based on aws marketplace. I have to delete this one and make a new with their support in a telco session.

But I have now time for this now, since I have to focus on the Natasha seeking the truth animation since deadline is this friday!

After that I have time to take that telco session…
I am so sorry for the delay…

But please check again the video I sended / the link.
I bet you can see from there which Tesla card is the correct for running Omniverse at amazon?

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No issues man. I will check in more depth… Will let you know if I still do not get the details and maybe later when you have time you can check. Thanks :)

Hi Patel, I would like to ask if you found a solution for a cloud provider that supports A2F. I am looking for the same.

You can always also contact discord user robert.bou.infinite#7961
He runs a company called Infinite Compute

I have finally activated my Nvidia Inception Credits at AWS Activate ( amazon ) and we shall have tomorrow a video meeting where they help us to install an instance running omniverse :D