Trying to create a real-time multilingual course with audio2face

Hello, I am new on Nvidia Omniverse. I have very limited deadlines to create a web platform for teaching, leveraging Nvidia’s Omniverse Create, View and Audio2Face. Where should I start? There is so much to learn. What are the prerequisites?

Hello! There is a lot information that I can start throwing at you, so I will try to just start you off with what you need to get started.

It is important that you understand what Omniverse is. It is a platform that harnesses the power of Pixar’s USD file format to universally allow applications to work together. It will be quite different than your normal workflows, but once you adapt, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

  1. First of all, check out our technical requirements.
  2. Next, install Omniverse!
  3. Once you open Omniverse, check out the Launcher! (You should be prompted to install the cache! Make sure you say yes!)
    • The News tab keeps you updates with the latest news about Omniverse
    • The Library tab is where you’ll find the apps you’ve installed
    • The Exchange tab is where you search for available apps & connectors
    • The Nucleus tab is where you can manage your Nucleus server
    • The Learn tab has tutorials, helpful videos, and documentation to help get you started!
  4. Install the cache! If not promted to do so, go to the Exchange tab and search for cache and install the latest version
  5. Install Nucleus and create your localHost server. Nucleus is the magic behind converting application data into the USD format. Make sure you have it!
  6. Have fun! Omniverse is YOUR PLAYGROUND. Test it out, play with it!

I highly suggest that you join our discord server at We have a GREAT COMMUNITY of industry experts ready to help as well as our NVIDIA developers that occasionally prowl the chat rooms! If you are a developer, there is a team of experts ready to help you get started!

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I’ve done all this, except for joining the discord community - which I am about to do in a while. The apps are not launching now that I’ve installed them, probably because of low specs (I have 24GB RAM and a Core i7, but no dedicated GPU and no SSD).

I will check for another laptop for this. Yes I am a developer but I don’t know what I should learn next, regarding my project of “online course 3d webapp integrating audio2face”. Could you provide more specific guidance? Thanks!

If you are a developer, check this page out: Omniverse Developer Resource Center

You’ll want to check out the “Code with Me” sessions that get hosted on our Discord server. Ping @mati-nvidia on the forums or @Mati on Discord. He is the lead on getting you the help you need to get started.

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Okay, thank you. These resources seem more useful and better oriented toward what I’d like to accomplish. I’ll dive into them.