Open Audio2Face project in a web application

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I´m quite new on omniverse platform so sorry if I´m making a basic question. I was trying to research how I can open an audiotoface scene in a browser. Ideia is to create a virtual assistant in a web app for customer support. Can I ask kindly to the expert community to give me some guidelines ?

Thanks in advance.

Pedro Martins

This can be achieved using ACE Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) | NVIDIA Developer.

While it’s still not available to public, you may register for an early access here: NVIDIA Omniverse ACE Early Access Program | NVIDIA Developer

Really thanks for your support. I was previously reading documentation about ACE and I was trying to explore another possibility. I proposed my startup to have early acess to ACE. Thanks for your support.

I’m anxious to see evidence of this new functionality. Short video demos are welcome on the 8K member Virtual Beings Facebook group.


Hello all,

Being ACE an option, is there other way to run our USD project build up on Audio2Face in a external app our web?

Thanks and apologies for my basic questions.

You should be able to use Rest API and WebRTC kit extension to stream videos in any web browser.
WebRTC Browser Client — Omniverse Extensions documentation (

Thanks for your feedback. I have a Audio2face project using stream audio. I want to create a local application running the avatar that will have a backend php script send audio to it in real time. On web probably it will be hard to implement if we have multiple user accessing it with different streaming input.
Thanks in advance your recommendations.

Hi Nvidia.

I submitted some months ago a request for early access to ACE but my request is still under evaluation. Is there any contact that we can use to know exactly the status ?

Thank you.

Pedro Martins

Sorry for the inconvenience. But as ACE is relatively new, the access is gated, we only take a select number of accounts that match our criteria. But we have requested to send a notification email to those not accepted.

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