Rendering Audio2Face viewport and extension to a web applicaion

I have created a realtime conversational avatar extension on Audio2Face using Riva TTS. Planning to render the avatar and the extension on a web based application for the realtime conversation experience. Is there any frontend/client side code to achieve the same?

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You can stream the A2F (or any OV app) viewport / app output to the web. But to a specific web application it depends.

What specific frontend / client code are you looking for?

So, I am planning to have a front end application in angular or react where I could render the Audio2Face viewport and the end user can have conversation with the avatar on the front end application.

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Hi @siyuen -
Any update on this? We are looking to integrate the A2F application with a web application to record audio with the help of the extension which we have created and process everything through the extension and have the rendered output on the avatar on the same web application.

Hi @jimit-modi. We recently announced Omniverse Cloud which I think will help with what you’re trying to do.

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