Streaming the Audio2Face App to the browser

How can we stream the Audio2Face app to a browser which can be accessed from anywhere and also has conversations with the Avatar from the browser in real-time with my user-defined extension?

I’ve got 7.5K members of the Virtual Beings Facebook group who would also like to know the answer to this question…

Kit comes with a few streaming extensions and you can use any one of them to stream to a browser.

Hi @siyuen ,
Could you be more specific here? I see solutions for streaming a completed scene to a browser, but no solution for streaming the character data from Audio2face through another app (ex. Create, Machinima)

@siyuen - I tried using it but am still not able to stream it on the browser. And I am using port no. provided for Kit Application as there is none specific to the A2F app.

@jimit-modi I’ve just tested Audio2face 2021.3.3
My steps:

  • go to extension manager and enable extension
  • on browser I open http://localhost:8011/streaming/client/
    I can see that my a2f is streaming fine there.
    Which steps are you at?