Streaming the Audio2Face App to the browser

How can we stream the Audio2Face app to a browser which can be accessed from anywhere and also has conversations with the Avatar from the browser in real-time with my user-defined extension?

I’ve got 7.5K members of the Virtual Beings Facebook group who would also like to know the answer to this question…

Kit comes with a few streaming extensions and you can use any one of them to stream to a browser.

Hi @siyuen ,
Could you be more specific here? I see solutions for streaming a completed scene to a browser, but no solution for streaming the character data from Audio2face through another app (ex. Create, Machinima)

@siyuen - I tried using it but am still not able to stream it on the browser. And I am using port no. provided for Kit Application as there is none specific to the A2F app.

@jimit-modi I’ve just tested Audio2face 2021.3.3
My steps:

  • go to extension manager and enable extension
  • on browser I open http://localhost:8011/streaming/client/
    I can see that my a2f is streaming fine there.
    Which steps are you at?

@esusantolim - I was earlier trying to enable WebRTC streaming client with STUN & TURN servers in place. But was not able to stream. And while trying out with the WebSocket streaming client, I am not able to enable it. And getting this particular symbol.

Can you share the log files?
It should contain the error log hopefully with the information why the extension failed to load

Hi @esusantolim -
Sorry for replying late. But here is the log file.
kit_20220706_114719.log (553.4 KB)

Hi @jimit-modi ,
Thank you for the log file.
I’ll forward this to our streaming team to investigate.


Hi @jimit-modi ,
from your error log, the extension is complaining about missing Jinja2 package.
Our developer mentioned that that should be fixed already in the newer versions of our streaming client, but since A2F is relatively on the old side, it advised that it’s possible to try install the missing python package yourself via pip.
You can try browse to where Audio2Face is installed through Launcher , and find the /kit/python folder.
This would be the python where you want to run the pip below on

pip install Jinja2

You can find the installation folder by clicking the Settings option of the app