WebRTC on Omniverse Apps does not stream audio output to browser


I am having trouble getting the audio to play on the browser when I am playing the audio source on the Audio2Face App. If I am using the localhost setup, I would hear the audio but that is because it is playing through the Audio2Face App and not the front end browser. When I disable the audio output from the Audio2Face app on my windows settings, there is completely no audio playing on the browser, which leads me to believe the audio is not streamed through the WebRTC extension.

I could see on the html file of the WebRTC client extension that it has declared the remote-audio but yet nothing is actually sent there to be played.

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Hello @user149936, I informed the WebRTC developer to help us out with your question. I will post back here as soon as I hear back!

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Hello Wendy,

Have you heard back from the WebRTC developer on this issue yet? I’d love to solve it as soon as I can so if there are any hints as to where to fix this issue that would be great.

I have already searched through all the code that relates to the WebRTC extensions and have had no luck, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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