Audio2face in PixelStreaming application

Hi, is it possible to use the audio component or PixelStreamingAudio component as a source for audion input on live link to use in a pixel streaming environment?

Hi @gonzaller,
I’m not sure I understand the question correctly.
From the documentation PixelStreamingAudio is using WebRTC, while A2F uses gRPC so those two are not compatible.

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@esusantolim we need to deploy a pixel streaming application to the cloud, and we wanted to know if it’s posible to use the webrtc audio as an input for A2F using the live link or another method, or if it will only be possible opening ports on the machine to send the audio

Hi @gonzaller ,
Currently we don’t have plan to support WebRTX Streaming in Audio Player. However, that doesn’t stop you from implementing your own streaming protocol.
You can see how gRPC based streaming audio player instance is implemented here
Check the AudioPlayerStreamingInstance class