Streaming Audio Player Do Not stream sound to Unreal Engine via Omniverse Live Link plugin

Setup as follow:

  • add Streaming Audio Player into the stage
  • Open generic graph and connect the streaming audio player time (output) to the Audio2Face Core instance’s time attribute
  • Also connect the streaming audio player time (output) to the StreamLiveLink instance’s time attribute
  • Having Unreal engine setup with the Omniverse LiveLink Plugin and the appropriate steps followed.
  • Start the unreal engine
  • Start the to stream audio wav
  • Audio2Face App can hear the sound & the facial movement.
  • Unreal Engine metahuman can see the facial movement. But there’s NO sound!

Kindly advised if the current version do not support Streaming Audio Player → Unreal Engine?

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I have the same question and wonder if there is a solution

Could you please try turning on Enable Audio Stream?

I managed to solve it.
It’s the Player Setting in the StreamLiveLink instance.
need to match the Streaming Audio Player

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