Audio2Face to UE LiveLink

I am using Livelink in Unreal engine to receive the blend shapes from Audio2face. when I check in the blue print I can see that the vales for the blend shapes are received without problem. But If I try to listen to the audio in UE using port 12031. I can not hear anything there. The Audio2face log indicates me that audio is being played directly using Audio Player. Default speaker associated with the system. Cant see the logs for opening of the socket 10231. Nor I can see the error that socket cannot be opened. When I monitor the network using ip.addr == && (tcp.port == 10231 || udp.port == 10231) cant trace any messages.
It sorts of confirms that the is not called. How do I make audio2face to send audio over the port 10231 to unreal engine and not play directly in AudioPlayer ? Any help on this would be appreciated. I think I am missing something very simple here.

Currently there’s there’s option to not play it directly in A2F. But you can mute the A2F App volume from Sound settings on Windows.

Thanks. It stopped playing the audio in default speakers but did not help receive the audio on port 10231 inside unreal engine. The plugin is listening to this port in UE and unable to receive any message, what setting in audio2face makes it to use ? which is opening this socket (10231) and pushing the audio ? Thanks this is the main bit, I am trying to solve.


Thanks, I was indeed missing something basic here, enable audio stream. This has solved the issue. How do I check if the audio is playing inside unreal engine blueprint ? Audio Component → isPlaying is returning false. I think audio2face is streaming to SubmixListner according to documentation. How do I check if this is playing or not inside unreal. Its is more of an unreal question but since audio2face is streaming, it will be more relevant for developers here, if you can help answer it, perhaps in a new thread ? if you suggest so.

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