Audio2Face Player Streaming instance does not exist


Hardware - GPU RTX 3090
Hardware - Ryzen 5800x
Operating System - Windows 11
Riva Version - 2.9.0
TLT Version (if relevant)

Hello, I installed Audio2Face 2022.2.0 on my Windows 11 computer with the default paths on Omniverse Launcher. I was following this guide: Streaming Audio Player — Omniverse Extensions documentation

I launched Audio2Face and loaded the Full Face Core + Streaming Player demo.

Contained within the Audio2Face installation is, a script that is used to send wav audio files via gRPC to Audio2Face.

$ python output.wav /World/audio2face/PlayerStreaming

I’m getting the INSTANCE_NAME from the Prim Path on PlayerStreaming.

However, I’m getting this issue:

Sleeping for 2.0 seconds
Channel creadted
Sending audio data...
ERROR: Audio Player Streaming: instance does not exist: C:/Program Files/Git/World/audio2face
Channel closed

It says the instance does not exist despite using the streaming demo.

How can I find the absolute path of the Audio2Face streaming instance? Or how can I adjust the default path so it actually points to the instance?


Hi @alexl

I just did a simple test with the latest Audio2Face 2022.2.0 and it seems to work.

Here’s the code I’m running:

python "C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\prod-audio2face-2022.2.0\exts\omni.audio2face.player\omni\audio2face\player\scripts\streaming_server\" "C:/audio/some_audio.wav" "/World/audio2face/PlayerStreaming"

I see the error is pointing to your local Git repo. Could you test with the latest A2F version 2022.2.0 to see if you still get this error?

Thank you, I tried using the full absolute paths like you suggested and it did work.

However, when I cd into the streaming_server directory and run the script:

$ python output.wav /World/audio2face/PlayerStreaming

This does not work (instance does not exist). Is there a way to connect to the instance another way?

Ultimately, I would like to connect to the instance from my own app scripts and I would like to connect to the Audio Player Streaming instance from there if possible.

Thank you!

Hi @alexl , does this work if you add the “” to the player prim path argument?

$ python output.wav "/World/audio2face/PlayerStreaming"

Thanks for the response. I tried adding the double quotes and it does not seem to work either.

(Audio2Face Full-Face Streaming demo is up and running)