Audio 2 face Rest API '/A2F/Player/GetInstances' dosen't work


I am trying to incorporate NVIDIA REST API. For testing I hit /A2F/Player/GetInstances end point in my Linux machine. Below is response:-

  "status": "OK",
  "result": {
    "regular": [],
    "streaming": [
  "message": "Suceeded to retrieve Player instances"

I have tried this api in three different beta versions : 2023.2.0, 2023.1.0 and 2022.2.0.

None them return regular player.

When I hit following API /A2F/Player/SetRootPath with

“a2f_player”: “World/audio2face/Player”,
“dir_path”: “path/to/my/audio/files”

It gave following error:

“status”: “ERROR”,
“result”: null,
“message”: “<class ‘ValueError’>: World/audio2face/Player - Regular player not found”

Not sure what is wrong, I restart application multiple times , no luck here.

I am starting application via ./

Did you open a stage with a regular player? Is it possible that you only have a streaming player in your currently opened stage?

Yes It is possible it might just have streaming player but how to fix it, there is no detail document about it. I just launched using ./ script.

Opening ./ only opens the app. It might come with a default streaming player.

If you need a regular player, you will need to open a usd file that already has a regular player.

You can use Audio2Face UI and create a file that has a regular player. Then open that file using Audio2Face_headless

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Yes, that was the error, I was loading usd file with streaming player, now when I load usd player with regular player it works very well. Thank you.

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