Client for Streaming Audio Player

I would like to stream audio from my microphone to a Streaming AudioPlayer instance in A2F, but only shows how to send FILES to A2F, not a live input.

Can anyone please point to a client/script that I can easily adapt for this purpose? Thanks!

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Hi, and thanks for this request - we’re seeing if we can work on something :)

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Appreciate building suspense but I need to make some technology calls to deliver on timelines.

Is live audio streaming something you are planning for a 2022 release or should I start doing micro batching and stitching together results?

Hi, have you tested the live mode in the audio player? This will convert your live audio into facial animation.


Yes it is great.

I this requires a microphone input instead of an audio stream.

My workflow is:

  • Audio stream
  • Into headless Audio2Face (this is what I am hoping to get information on)
  • Rendering of Face in headless mode and video capturing it
  • Streaming out resulting video to an endpoint (I will be using ffmpeg)

@adammpolak Have you tried the soundcard python package? It reads from microphone input and provides the data in the same format as PySoundfile which is used in the audio streaming example.

Will give this a shot, thank you!

@mati-nvidia how can I encode the resulting animation in real-time as a video stream?

I cannot find this in the documentation

@adammpolak Thanks for starting new topics for your follow-up questions. I’ve followed up there.