Send Audio Stream to A2F over networking


  • UE 5.3
  • Live Link PlugIn for UE
  • A2F 2023.2.0

A2F runs in headless mode. I have successfully implemented live face animation in UE by calling /A2F/Player/SetTrack API to supply the audio piece by piece.

/A2F/Player/SetTrack API accepts a path to an audio file(*.wav) in local filesystem. This means that A2F cannot be deployed remotely. I intend to deploy A2F in Linux docker container accessed remotely. Hence I need a way to send audio stream(PCM samples) to A2F.

I think this is doable because A2F can accept input from microphone (but not running in headless mode).
So, my question is – is there some TCP port I can stream audio to A2F?

I found an example here and implement it now in Rust

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