Omniverse   Platform

Launcher The NVIDIA Omniverse™ Launcher is your first step into the Omniverse. Giving you immediate access to all the apps, connectors and other downloads the Omniverse Launcher is your gateway to the Omniverse. Nucleus At the core of Omniverse is a set of fundamental services known as NVIDIA Omniverse™ Nucleus that allow a variety of Omniverse-enabled client applications ( Apps, Connectors, and others) to share and modify authoritative representations of virtual worlds. RTX Renderer Omniverse RTX Renderer is NVIDIA®’s premiere real-time ray tracing renderer for Omniverse. It exploits the RT Cores present on NVIDIA® RTX GPUs for industry leading quality at near real-time rates. Kit NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit is a toolkit for building native Omniverse applications and microservices. It is built on a base framework known as Carbonite that provides a wide variety of functionality through a set of light-weight plugins. Carbonite plugins are all authored with C interfaces for persistent ABI compatibility. A Python interpreter is provided for scripting and customization.
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