Audio2Face 2022.1 Reallusion compatibility

To the devs, thanks so much for all your hard work, and thanks to WendyGram and the other mods for all their support here. Is there a tutorial or general advice on how I’ll be able to use CC3+/CC4 characters in Audio2Face so that I can export the JSON files to iClone 8? I saw Solomon Jagwe released a tutorial today, but I don’t think he’s got a workflow for it yet. Is there anything recommended? Will it require an update to either the Reallusion USD exporter or the A2F importer to get all the separate meshes (eyes, tongue, teeth) into A2F 2022.1? A2F 2022.1 looks absolutely stunning, but this in particular is what I’ve been waiting for.


Just realized that in CC4 I can’t separate CC_Base_Eye and CC_Base_Teeth into separate meshes like I can with Props (turning them into Sub-Props), so I guess I’ll have to wait for a fix? Oof

Hi @rbt730, A2F is able to separate a mesh using “Mesh - Mesh Separate” menu or “Mesh - Mesh Extract By Subsets” (when there are geomSubsets that show a desired separation) menu. To use this,

  1. First select the mesh prim that you want to separate (for example, CC_Base_Eye Mesh)
  2. Click Mesh - Mesh Separate (or Mesh - Mesh Extract By Subsets)


Is this what you needed? Let us know, Thanks.

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Hey, @yseol, thanks very much. It worked on my CC3+ character, and it looks terrific inside of Audio2Face, but what are my options for getting the animation back into iClone? Exporting a Blendshape Solve as JSON doesn’t include my eye, lower teeth and tongue data, and exporting a USD cache back to my Reallusion programs seems inconvenient. What’s the recommended pipeline for this? Thanks!

EDIT: Well, now I see that I can create Blendshape JSONs for each individual part (eyes, teeth and tongue) but I still don’t know how to reimport given I have no iClone 8-compatible Blendshape Mesh (with skeleton) by the end of the process when I follow the most recent video tutorial. Thanks.

The workflow tutorial of new A2F with CC4 characters with full body movements is also very much needed here :)

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I’d appreciate just a quick word from a moderator of whether we can expect a CC3+ character tutorial (given the number of users who will be using Audio2Emotion with Reallusion software), and whether the latest release is currently compatible with the iClone 8 Audio2Face plugin. If they are compatible, I’m happy to try again and figure out what I did wrong so I can export the Audio2Emotion JSON files, but otherwise I really don’t have time. Thanks!