Audio2Face - Mesh Separate doesn't preserve the blendshapes

When using “Mesh Separate” option of the Audio2Face app it doesn’t preserve the blendshapes for the separated meshes. As the result I cannot use the Blendshape Conversion feature. Do you know of any solution for that? Ideally I’d like Audio2Face be able to work with the combined meshes of course.

Hello @pavel.kulko! Good question. The Mesh Separator tool is a new feature so I will need some help from the developers to help answer your question. I know that it finds components with connected faces and separates them into individual meshes, but I haven’t used it on blendshapes. (Here is a Mesh Tool Tutorial)

I will post back when I have more information!

Hi @pavel.kulko,

Do you want to mesh-separate all the blendshapes under the neutral mesh too (by clicking the mesh separate button on the neutral mesh)?
Unfortunately, that’s not supported now, and mesh-separate is only applied on the neutral mesh.
If you want that to be done, you will need to use other dcc app like maya, separate all blendshape mehses there and export .usd again.
I can see what part you’re having difficulty. I will bring this to the internal discussion. Thanks!