Audio2face blendshape creator and future compatibility with blender skeletal and blendshapes

I have two questions first:

Do you know when blender compatibility will come, like the blendshapes and the skeletal mesh for transfering them, like an approximation?

The next question is a bit longer, but I have observed that Audio2face create blendshapes but of course for every photogram of the animation, I believed that you have first worked with the character creator programs that are out there to transfer blendshapes, I believe that is in your plans to use the blendshapes in the main head and transfering them to any model using the mesh fitting tool, if this is true any idea of when will this come out?

Maybe I am tottaly wrong but thank you.

Hi @usuario1833, welcome to Audio2Face.
Our internal blender team will be working on blendshape compatibility, it’s hard to confirm when it will be ready, but we can check it one more and will let users know when it is ready.
I don’t clearly understand the second question, but in fact, we will be releasing a new version of Audio2Face very soon which supports the blendshape generation on a custom neutral face mesh. Please stay tuned.

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Yes I am sorry for not explaining myself right, but that was really my question, thank you so much for answering