Blendshape conversion error

I am trying to do a custom character transfer and then a blendshape conversion. However, when ever i try to setup blendshape solve, omniverse would give me this error.

2022-04-19 06:51:37 [Warning] [omni.audio2face.tool.scripts.utils] [omni.audio2face.tool] select a proper mesh prim with Blendshapes

I need to export the json into blender and do an animation on it there. Is there a better way or a solution to my problem?

HI @j0kagitani11 ,
Can you confirm that the Mesh selected on Blendshape Mesh drop down is your Usd skel mesh that is containing Blendshape?
Can you share the screen of the stage view of what’s parented under your mesh prim that you use as Blendshape Mesh, please?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for the reply. Here’s the stage

@j0kagitani11 Thank you for the screen grab.

If I see this correctly, the mesh you are using doesn’t actually have any blendshapes on it yet. and it doesn’t look like a usdskel mesh.
For the Blendshape solve to work, you’ll need to provide a usdskel mesh that alreayd has blendshape with it.

We have another tutorial on how to generate blendshape as well if you don’t yet have any blendshapes available for your character. This is a separate step from the blendshape solve.

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Hi it can conduct blendshape conversion after generating the usdskel but the usdskel is not being animated after the blendshape conversion. Any clue on this?

Hi @j0kagitani11 ,
It is not easy to find problem from this image. Maybe you selected wrong prim for “input anim mesh”??
If you can the full log or your face asset, we can help checking or testing here.

Heres the usd of the stage. The input anim mesh should be correct as i chose the “result” mesh
world.usd (18.1 MB)

This file doesn’t have the Head mesh data. You actually need to share the Head file for us to check it :)