Blender Shape Keys to Audio2Face

Using the Blender 3. Alpha Exchange USD branch.

I’m not able to export from Blender using the USD with the Blendshapes on the mesh.
I can export an .fbx and convert that with BlendShapes intact but when I try to Mesh fit I cannot draw lines to the imported Mesh as usual - it’s like the mesh isn’t there so possibly a scale thing.

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Hi @andrew.whitney, welcome to Audio2Face.

  1. When you mention “blendshapes on the mesh” in Blender, you mean the “shape keys”?
  2. Can you attach the .fbx or .usd file that you used? It will help us check the issue.


Hi - thanks for the response and sorry for the delay - it’s half term here .
Yes I do mean shape keys.
Please see a link to all files I’ve tried. These are exports from the Blender USD branch :

Included in the file is the original Blender test face with Shape keys - a Few USD’s I’ve tried exported from Blender.
A folder with a .FBX that was converted to USD from A2F. FaceItTest.usd

Hi @andrew.whitney
I checked with our Blender team and confirmed that Blender does not export blendshapes (shape keys) properly as .usd at the moment. The feature is not implemented yet, but they added that as one of the to-do features.
Also checked your files, and unfortunately none of them is ready for audio2face blendshape conversion. The one from .fbx → .usd is the closest, but it doesn’t have a skelAnimation prim, so can’t be used directly (we can fix this dependency in the future release).
In the meantime, if you have an access to Maya, you can probably use it to get .usd file that is usable in audio2face. I found your .fbx file can be loaded into Maya and the .usd from Maya is working in Audio2Face.
blender_andrew_test.usd (3.4 MB)
I’m attaching image and the .usd file from Maya.

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Cheers for looking at this - haven’t got Maya but will play with 3ds Max :) into A2F

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The development team is working on adding this feature. (Internal Ticket OM-39725)

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Hello. Any updates on this?