Blendshape Conversion not working

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the blendshape conversion on a custom mesh. After setting up the blendshape solve all the blendshapes are added to the list and I don’t get any error messages but the mesh that uses the blendshape conversion does not move. This is happening with another mesh as well for me, so I would really appreciate some help. Thank you!

template-model.usd (29.4 MB)

Hello @sandra.brueckner! Welcome to the Community! A developer will get in touch with you shortly.

In the meantime, I found these posts which may help:

Also, here is a link to our documentation: User Manual — Omniverse Audio2Face documentation

Hi @sandra.brueckner, welcome to audio2face!

I’ve checked your .usd file and found out that your “template_model” has a different usdSkel structure than what we expect to get.
We expect to get the usdSkel structure as in the below image. How did you export this “template_model” as a .usd file? From Maya+Omniverse connector or somewhere else?

FYI, this is the omnigraph of “template_model” in your file. skel:blendShapeTargets and skel:skeleton have wrong connections, and SkelAnimation prim has no connection to the Joint prim.

Could you try export again using Maya+Omniverse connector as in this tutorial video?

Alternatively, you can re-organize the omnigraph connections as in the reference image and try again.

Hi, thank you for the answer! I am using Maya and the updated Omniverse connector to export to usd and I’m following the tutorial, but the connections aren’t correct when I import into A2F.
This is the file after exporting with the connector: template-model_mayaUpdate.usd (2.4 MB)

I also tried re-organizing the connections by hand, but now I get a warning saying the size of weights and number of blendshapes don’t match and the blendshape conversion still doesn’t work.
template-model2_wconnections.usd (21.6 MB)

Maybe it’s just an issue with the maya export? I’m using Maya2022.1 and the connector 102.2.3.

Thank you again for the help, I appreciate it!

Hi @sandra.brueckner
I checked your file and this is due to an issue between Maya connector and Audio2Face when write/read .usd file with blendshapes. We made a fix for that and will release a new audio2face very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
In the meantime, you can try this file, I fixed the part that was wrong, and confirmed that this is working for blendshape conversion.
The fix I made → I had to remove “blendShape1” from all the pose names in skel:blendShapes attribute.

template-model_mayaUpdate.usda (8.3 MB)