Blendshape conversion error

I try to use blendshape conversion with my custom mesh and its blendshapes but it does not work after “set up blendshape solve” and I got this error :
[Error] [carb.python] Omnigraph Error: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (184560,1) (15102,1)
(from compute() at line 82 in u:\ov\pkg\audio2face-2021.3.0\exts\omni.audio2face.tool\omni\audio2face\tool\ogn\python\nodes\

Any clue on how to solve this?


Hello @clivethakine1! Welcome to the community!
I have notified the development team about your question. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @clivethakine1,
I’ve never seen the error before.
How’s the USDSkel exported (in which dcc)?
We may have to look at the file and try repro it here. Are you able to share your file?
You can PM myself the link if you do not want to share it publicly.

Hi @clivethakine1, welcome to Audio2Face.
From the error, it seems like your blendshape mesh has different number of vertices compared to the a2f animation mesh.
Are you trying to make a blendshape animation on your custom character? If so, you will need to first perform the character transfer and then the blendshape conversion.
The related tutorial is here: BlendShapes Part 4: Custom Character Conversion and Connection in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube

Hi @yseol ,

My mistake was using Mark as the anim input mesh as I didn’t watch tutorial part 4 yet when I tried.
Everything is working great in audio2face currently, thank you.

But now I can’t bring the blendshape animation into maya using the .json export as explained in part 2 tutorial : BlendShapes Part 2: Conversion and Weight Export in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube

This is the log in script editor :

import json

with open(r’C:\Users\clivethakine\Documents\Kit\shared\capture\a2f_cache.json’, “r”) as f:
facs_data = json.loads(
facsNames = facs_data[“facsNames”]
numPoses = facs_data[“numPoses”]
numFrames = facs_data[“numFrames”]
weightMat = facs_data[“weightMat”]

bsNode = 'blendShape1'
for fr in range(numFrames) :
    for i in range (numPoses) :
        mc.setKeyframe(bsNode+'.'+facsNames[i], v=weightMat[fr][i], t=fr)

# Error: NameError: file <maya console> line 14: name 'mc' is not defined #


you can add this line at the top of that script

import maya.cmds as mc

Hope it hleps :)


Thank you, it works

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